​The Flower Shop

Through the years as Matthew has exhibited his creations at art shows across the country, these small botanical pieces have been a perennial favorite. Each individual bloom is carefully handcrafted by Matthew in his Mobjack studio, using a variety of upcycled and fabricated steel components which are shaped and formed before being welded into whimsical blooms. Each flower is threaded in order to attach to any number of stem configurations or wall mounted brackets or stems. This design feature makes individual blooms interchangeable, allowing clients to choose from a nearly limitless number of color and design combinations. Each flower and stem are coated with an epoxy primer before being topcoated with multiple blended colors of Imron 3.5 urethane finish, and are suitable for indoor or exterior placement.

​How To Order

Turquoise Flower #150

The purchasing process starts with deciding which stem set is right for your piece. The base options include single free standing stems, as well as 2,3,4,or 5 intertwined stems welded atop a single free standing base. Larger configurations can be designed upon request. Also available are wall mounted stem sets as well as wall mounts designed to mount a single flower to any surface. Once the quantity of the flowers are determined by the stem set chosen, the next step is to simply select flowers to fill out your piece. Each flower is numbered for reference, and if a desired design is not pictured in the desired color scheme, simply combine two flowers, e.g.: “flower # 241, but painted like flower # 256”, and so on. There is an order form at the bottom of the page, with fields for stem sets, flowers, contact information and so on.

​Pricing and Shipping 

The Pricing for this work is as follows: Any individual Flower costs $125.00, and any individual stem or wall mount is $25.00. Thus a single flower, flower # 740 for example, mounted on a single free standing stem would cost $150.00 plus tax and shipping if applicable. Likewise any 3 flowers mounted atop a 3 stem base would cost $450.00, and so on. Generally, regional shipping via UPS Ground costs around $20.00 for a mid sized piece. All such details would be discussed via email or phone following the submission of an order and prior to invoicing or shipping. If you have any questions feel free to contact us . Not all flowers are in stock at all times, occasionally none of them are! Delivery times will vary with inventory levels, Matthew’s travel schedule, and available studio time. Often small commissions can be worked in among larger work, if you have a pressing deadline such as a wedding or anniversary, by all means let us know and we will attempt to accomodate you. We will respond to your form submission via email to discuss delivery and invoicing, which can be accomplished electronically or via check. Feel free to call or email with any questions, contact information can be found on the Connect page

Order Form

Flowers (Enter the desired style and color of each flower)
Base/Stem Set (Specify the Number of Stems/ Flowers)
Notes /Messages